My Film topics


The Themes of my Films

The main themes of my films is the ramifications of the Second World War in the eastern territories which were previously German; the escape and the forced displacement, up rootedness, “war of memory”, and “German Angst”. I make classic documentary films about the impact of the war on individual fates of both the Polish and German inhabitants of the area, as well as about the Landscape which extend beyond linguistic and mental borders.  

The current films thematize uncomfortable topics as well as the disappearance of entire ethnic groups and cultures in the former German territories; right before our eyes; right in the middle of Europe.

The films will be shown as special films in museums, universities, art house cinemas and film festivals in both countries.

Often during the discussions, which occur after the screening, audience members have emotional reactions to the film. These reactions are authentic; this is confirmed by reviews of the film as well as multiple international prizes that the film has gotten.

Currently, I am filming long interviews with contemporary witnesses on behalf of different museums and foundations.