Michael Majerski

Michael Majerski is among the most well-known filmmakers who cover the broadly defined German-Polish borderlands. He was born to a German-Polish family in Altheide-Bad in 1948. After studying at a State Film Academy in Lodz, he emigrated with his family to Germany in 1978, where he worked for many years as a film teacher. After his return to Poland, he worked for German public service broadcasters. His classical, full-length documentary films reflect the subjective account of postwar history in territories that were taken over by Poland — from the perspective of people who lived on both sides of the border. Film critics characterize Majerski as a specialist for topics that others try hard to avoid.

Rewards and Honors

2005 – German title: “Meiner Mutter Land” (English: “Once I was a German”). Best German documentary film at the Film Festival in Lagow, Poland. 2006 – Nomination for the German-Polish Journalist Prize, Schwerin, Germany 2010 – 3rd Price for Documentary “Oberschlesien – kolocz na droga” at International Film Festival Regiofun in Katowice 2010 – Erasmus Seal of Excellency for “Oberschlesien – Streuselkuchen von zu Hause” Vienna 2013 – European Media Awards- Grand Award in all Categories for “Oberschlesien- Hier, wo wir uns begegnen” (Upper Silesia – Here is where we meet )