Michael Majerski

Michael Majerski, born in 1948 in Polanica Zdrój/ Bad Altheide (Poland), immigrated with his family to Germany in 1978. Through his mother, a Silesian-born German, Michael obtained German citizenship and the status of an “ethnic German immigrant”. His father is Polish. When they arrived in Germany, the family passed through various transit camps for immigrants. This phase of upheaval proved to be one of his most important life experiences. “Back then, I learned about German history all over again ; I saw and experienced many calamities, but also countless successes of immigrants; both by living through them myself and by seeing them at close range”, Majerski reports today. Through his training at the well-known Film school in Łódź, where he also subsequently taught, he was able to quickly integrate himself in Germany both professionally and socially. Meanwhile, he feels most at home in Berlin, yet still identifies himself as a Silesian, or rather Upper-Silesian. That’s where he grew up, that’s where he played with Polish, German, and Russian children in the yard in Gleiwitz during the post-war years. He feels like he has a special connection to the protagonists of his films; for him, having empathy is a crucial requirement in the making of a film.

Born 1948 in Polanica Zdroj, Poland
1976 graduatet from the National Filmscool with an M.A. in Master of Filmart.
Studiet film-making at PWSFTViT. Graduatet in 1978 with the equivalent of an MA in Documentary Film Making.
In 1978 left the country
A recurring theme in his work is that of historical context, cultural heritage and minority cultures.