Michael Majerski, award winning documentary film director. DOB: 19 April 1948 POB: Altheide / Poland Married, 3 children


1966 – High School graduation with schooling as photographer 1972 – 1976 National Film School for Film and TV, Lodz, Poland. Master of Fine Arts Degree in the Field of Cinematography (Camera) and TV Directing. Continued education – Advanced training courses in film and theatre directing under the supervision of Luc Bondy, Erwin Axer, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Andrej Tarkowski.

Professional Work

Practical Experience 1968 – 1972 Assistant cameraman and film assistant for the National TV Network TVP in Poland. 1976 – 1978 TV producer for the TVP. Live current news features and production of various studio feature programs Directing of films on industries while working in the WFO Film Company. 1994 – 1996 TV Director for the TVP in Stettin. TV journalist and commentator 1995 – Establishment of own film production firm “Arkonafilm” in Stettin, Poland, and Berlin, Germany Since 1996 – Production of features for TV programs; production of documentary features for state owned TV networks, such as NDR, ZDF, Arte, TVP, and others. Author and producer of a series of biographic films for a historic exhibition “Forced Ways” in Berlin; features of the forced migrations in Europe. Video art projects. Teaching Experience 1976 – 1978 Scientific Assistant and Assistant of a Professor at the National School for Film and TV in Lodz, Poland. Lecturer of art photography and visual advertising. Subsequently lecturer of Courses in TV Directing 1980 – 1992 Instructor of “Cinematography” and “Camera Assistant”, School for Optics and Photo Technology, Berlin, Germany. 1986: Supervisor of the workshop`s in Berlin, Germany. Since 2005: Head of film workshops and film seminars to the subject of “Film and Poetry” and “Documentary Films” at the Universities of Stettin and Lodz, Poland.

Rewards and Honors

2005 – German title: “Meiner Mutter Land” (English: “Once I was a German”). Best German documentary film at the Film Festival in Lagow, Poland. 2006 – Nomination for the German-Polish Journalist Prize, Schwerin, Germany 2010 – 3rd Price for Documentary “Oberschlesien – kolocz na droga” at International Film Festival Regiofun in Katowice 2010 – Erasmus Seal of Excellency for “Oberschlesien – Streuselkuchen von zu Hause” Vienna 2013 – European Media Awards- Grand Award in all Categories for “Oberschlesien- Hier, wo wir uns begegnen” (Upper Silesia – Here is where we meet )